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CrossFit Bounds Vision

CrossFit Bounds, vision is to provide the absolute best training in a personalized, non-scary environment! Nobody likes walking into the gym feeling like they don’t belong and then never going back as a result.

We understand this and we understand how difficult it is for you to simply walk into a new place with unfamiliar people to complete unfamiliar movements. That’s why at CrossFit Bound you won’t see skulls, listen to death metal, and watch seemingly crazy people throwing around barbells wildly! What you will see are regular people JUST like you! These are people just trying to get fit for life so they can keep up with the kids, go on hikes, swim, play recreational sports, and to get out and just enjoy living life!

From the moment you walk in the door you’ll notice that CrossFit Bound is a very family friendly environment that will not only keep you excited about coming to the gym, but your kids will love it as well. We believe in fostering a community where everyone enjoys getting fit and it becomes a place friends and family want to be!

Because at CrossFit Bound we are interested in helping our community get FIT for LIFE and working to create a stronger, healthier and as a result a happier community.

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Dave Sanders“Great coaching and instruction, truly care about your progress. I’ve been to other locations and hands down CrossFit Bound is the best!”

– Dave Sanders

Chuck Clarke“No better CrossFit around. Excellent coaching for all levels of athletes.”

– Chuck Clarke

Robert Lee“CrossFit Bound is everything that I have been searching for in a gym. I needed to learn skill and get better every day without getting hurt. Brandon and his coaches truly care more about your skill and well-being. They are always encouraging you to be better but safely. The coaches are never too busy to spend a little extra time with you to teach you. Even if you don’t ask, they will encourage you. If you’re looking for a box where you can learn, grow and build community with coaches that acre, then CrossFit Bound is for you! I couldn’t have picked a better box to help me reach my personal fitness goals!”

– Robert Lee

Dana Janke“CrossFit Bound is everything I was looking for in a gym. I wanted a community and got it. I wanted excellent programming and got it. I wanted amazing coaching and got it. I wanted a competitive atmosphere and got it. I wanted people that understood nutrition and got it. I was a CrossFitter when I joined but was hoping for more focused coaching here. I have not been disappointed. Skills, technique, flexibility and diet have all been addressed and continue to be perfected. It is such an awesome place to be whether you have never worked out a day in your life or if you’ve been a super competitive athlete. Give it a shot.”

– Dana Janke


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Brandon Phillips
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Jessica Phillips
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