Every member that joins our community has to overcome a specific challenge or obstacle. Today, I will share the top three obstacles most of our members overcome to create success in their health and fitness journey.

1: Time

Time is the biggest asset we have. When you take your families, hobbies, daily commutes, education, social life, etc., time becomes short to fit in your health. Most of our members create a weekly/daily schedule to make time to prioritize themselves. There is a quote that I read once: “Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish – it’s necessary”.

Suppose you are not sure of “when you will have time. Sit down and write out your daily schedule Sunday through to Saturday. Find ‘downtimes’; these are times you spend on your computer, phone, basically anything unproductive. I am sure you can find 30 – 60 minutes to make your health and fitness a priority every day. 

2: Finances

I know – CrossFit is not cheap. I started out paying a monthly membership for a coach. Why? Because I wanted to learn and understand what I needed to do to become better. Anyone can watch a video and try to squat or lift, but having a knowledgeable (and wiser) coach observe me daily helped me become better, much faster, and be injury-free for as long as I was starting out. 

What do you get from being a member at CrossFit Bound?

  • Daily Coaching from Professional Coaches
    • Scaling options for both exercise selection, loading (weights), and skill work to constantly progress.
  • Access to our Daily Programming.
    • Includes warmups, strength work, conditioning/metcon, and membership to ROMWOD for daily stretching (yoga).
  • 24/7 access to the gym for only an additional $15
    • This is great for those who want to train on the weekends or holidays when we are not open. 
      • Only available for outside of class times.
  • Sunday Barbell Club
    • Led by Coach Nicole Corey
      • Barbell Club is focused only on the Olympic lifts. Coach Corey breaks down the movements and helps you to develop the movement patterns at a much slower pace than in a class setting. 
  • Quarterly Goal Review Sessions and Inbody Scans to keep you on track with your goals and for each of us to hold ourselves accountable.

*With all that said, paying $160+ a month is a great value for what you get with CFB. We want you to succeed and feel that you are the priority. Your results are what matter the most to us.

3: Family & Friends – Support System

Perhaps the most important of all is your support system of those closest to you. For most, our closest family and friends know our ‘why’ behind wanting a change and will support you no matter the cost or time required. 

With families, we like to have the spouse of each potential client come in and hear what our programs offer and understand what to expect and how they can help their spouse achieve success. The quickest way possible.


Interested in our program email [email protected] or call 770-401-1453 to schedule your No Sweat Intro today