How to lost fat…

How to Lose Fat? 

When you talk to a fitness professional or read an article about fat loss it always seems like there are only 3 to 5 steps to take and you’re there. As most of us know it’s not that simple. Fat loss can be a difficult task for some and easy for others. Regardless of what diet or exercise program you want to follow, you can find success stories for all of them. In a study completed in 2009 by the New England Journal of Medicine. It took participants and put each group with a specific diet. During the 6 months to 2 year period, results were similar among all groups. In the end, adherence and motivation were the top attributes to those who lost weight and kept the results. *(


What leads to greater adherence? A study in 2016 found 3 variables that gave participants a greater adherence to an exercise and nutrition program: *

  1. Accountability with a coach 
  2. Social Support or a Community of Like-minded individuals
  3. Nutrition programs had greater success over-exercise programs.

Motivation is hard to quantify, every person has different levels of motivation. But, we do know that people who develop a ‘need’ or a personal ‘why” have greater adherence compared to others who just join a gym “to see what’s it about.” Those that create a personal sense of urgency to lose weight or gain muscle ie: personal health issues, a life-changing event such as children, a new job, etc. have the higher internal motivation and we’ll work harder to reach their goals. 


In conclusion, with a proper nutrition plan and exercise regimen we’ll get you on the right track towards fat loss. But, more important for long-term success is someone to keep you accountable and a community of like-minded individuals with the same goals, and need to form new habits.

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