Isometric exercises create a natural pain killer response and reduce inhibition in patellar (knee cap) tendinopathy (tendon degeneration)!

Ebonie, Rio, et al. found in a study with individuals with knee pain, a single resistance training bout of isometric contractions (so like a wall sit) reduced tendon pain immediately for at least 45 min post-intervention and increased quadriceps strength.

They performed 5x45s with 2 min rest between sets

The isometric exercise reduced pain on the single-leg decline squat (like a pistol) from a 7/10 to .17/10! THAT’S HUGE!!

Degeneration of a tendon sounds like a debilitating word… But this degeneration is reversible. You Just need to load the tissue appropriately and if there is some pain, just back off a little. Learn to listen to your body! IF YOU FEEL SOME IRRITATION, THIS IS THE BRAINS WAY OF TELLING YOU, ”HEY, THIS IS CAUSING SOME TISSUE DAMAGE, MIGHT NEED TO BACK OF A LITTLE”.

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Rio E, Kidgell D, Purdam C, et al. Isometric exercise induces analgesia and reduces inhibition in patellar tendinopathy. Br J Sports Med. 2015;49(19):1277‐1283. doi:10.1136/bjsports-2014-094386