You, the client, take precedence at CrossFit Bound.  We believe that the client comes first and not our assumptions or systems.  Because of this belief we prioritize connecting you with a professional coach to sit down and talk with you before you think about breaking a sweat.  You will be working with your Coach For Life your entire journey with us.  Your coach wants to hear your “WHY?” so we can help guide you down the right path to help you reach your unique goals.

At CFB we offer far more than just group classes.  Our classes are likely a part of your journey but not the focal point, rather the relationship with your coach would you will meet with regularly to help you build long lasting habits that will result in long term results.

Step 1

We begin with each member 1 on 1 in a No Sweat Intro. This is where we sit down to listen to your goals, your current lifestyle, and create a plan to reach your goals together.

Step 2

Follow our Complete Overhaul Nutrition and get started with Personal Training.  We’ll use InBody biometric tracking to monitor your progress every step of the way. Joining a gym can be intimidating. That’s why you start your 6 Week Program with 1-on-1 training. This is the best way to get you beach body ready. Our nutrition coaching is completely customized to you. The best part is, we won’t ask you to give up the foods you love, or starve yourself!

Step 3

The Final Step is joining our classes. Our group classes are designed to help you build lean muscle and tone up while burning fat all at the same time. Every class is different so we’re sure to have something that’ll make coming to the gym fun. Plus, we have quarterly Goal Review Sessions to keep you (and us) accountable to your goals.