From Osteoporosis to CrossFitter – Supreeya Miller

1: Prior to CrossFit you had some health issues What were they and do you have your exact numbers from the doctor?

“I was diagnosed with a severe osteoporosis in June 2016. Both my spine and hips were bad. I was told that a hip fracture was very likely to happen. Below are my numbers.”

Instruction how to read bone density number:
   T Score Interpretation
           Greater than -.99 Normal
           Between -1.00 and -2.49 Osteopenia (low bone mass)
           Less than -2.5 Osteoporosis
           Less than -2.5 and associated Severe osteoporosis with one or more fragility fractures

June 2016

       Bone mineral density (BMD) 0.697 g/cm2
       T Score -3.2
   FEMUR right femoral neck
       Bone mineral density (BMD) 0.621 g/cm2
       T Score -2.1

January 2017

       Bone mineral density (BMD) 0.743 g/cm2
       T Score -2.8

   FEMUR left neck
       Bone mineral density (BMD) 0.622 g/cm2
       T Score -2.0

July 2018


       Bone mineral density (BMD)     0.908 g/cm2
       T Score -1.3
       22% increase in density compared to 2017, 30% increase compared to 2016

     FEMUR left neck
       Bone mineral density (BMD) 0.741 g/cm2
       T Score -1.0
       19% increase compared to previous, 18.5% increase compared to baseline

3: How did you find CrossFit?

I was told to do weight bearing exercises. I searched on the Internet and CrossFit Bound’s promotion ad appeared on my Facebook feeds. As soon as I saw their weight plates and barbells, I signed up for the 6-week challenge.”

4: What was your first impression of CrossFit?

“It was so hard, and only exceptional people could it. I wanted to be one of them.”

5: How have you overcome so many obstacles and how has your family and friends supported you?

“I believe in myself and I love myself. My thinking is if I don’t help myself, no one and nothing can. My husband and daughter support me.”

6: What’s your nutrition like?

I eat 2 times a day (breakfast and lunch). For breakfast, an egg and a banana. For lunch, Thai food; rice with some meat and a big load of vegetables. I usually have an apple in the afternoon. I have something light for dinner, such as veggies and hummus.

7: If someone was asking you about CrossFit and if they should try it, what would you say?

In a heartbeat, they should definitely try it. CrossFit is more than a workout. It is a powerful force that can make a big change in your life.”

8: Who/What is your biggest inspiration for making such a drastic change in your life up to right now?

I usually look at someone that is not far off from where and how I am. So those people were who were in class with me and performed and had the strength better than I did.
However, one day I was standing behind Tricia Wasielewski when she was rowing. Those upper back muscles were so impressive and mesmerizing. Her journey was also fascinating. It is so captivating that it makes me wanting to be strong and look good like her.”

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