Obesity Problem is worse than we Think.

Full Video HERE Former U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. David A. Kessler discusses the issue of obesity in America saying, "I think we have failed in giving nutritional advice to people."

Vlog #2 with Gary Churchill

Sitting down and speaking with OG Member Gary Churchill about how he balances life between his family, growing business, and fitness. Gary also came prepared with some statements he uses to motivate himself in t [...]

Video Blog #1 w/ Coach Jimmy Nixon

Interview with Coach Jimmy Nixon. We talk about how Jimmy focuses on lifestyle and nutrition with his clients before getting into a specific exercise program or starting CrossFit in general. Watch HERE [...]

How not to fall off the wagon on Vacation….

Avoiding the Vacation Flub By Tricia Wasielewski   Everybody loves a good vacation, including myself. We look forward to relaxing, getting away from work and chores, eating and drinking all the delicious things, and doing [...]

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