In 2008 a study was conducted following 311 obese premenopausal women. They followed the Atkins (low carb), Zone (Macro counting), and Ornish (high carb – low fate) nutrition plans. Following the 12 month study the leaders of this study concluded: “Regardless of assigned diet groups, 12-month weight change was greater in the most adherent compared to the least adherent tertiles. These results suggest that strategies to increase adherence may deserve more emphasis than the specific macronutrient composition of the weight loss diet itself in supporting successful weight loss.”


This study confirms that its not so much the nutrition plan chosen, it’s how well we can stick to that plan that determines our success. Now, some people with pre-metabolic conditions such as diabetes, CHF, High blood pressure, etc may benefit from specific plans. This is not the point of this study. This is for the general population looking to be happy and healthy.

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